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Classys Insight forum with Indonesian VIP

At the end of October, Classys held a forum with Indonesia VIPs. It was an insightful forum on brand new Ultraformer MPT and Volnewer, as well as its indications and clinical usage.

Do you want to check how was the Classys insight forum with Indonesian VIPs? Check out the video we have prepared for you.

Classys CEO, Mr. Seunghan Baek gave an opening speech and congratulated all of the guests. There were 40 participants, including 25 doctors from Indonesia who were interested in the new protocols on face lifting techniques, as well as Ultraformer MPT and Volnewmer indications and their clinical outcomes. Mr. Dr. Boncheol Leo Goo, the medical director of Classys gave a special lecture on Ultraformer MPT and Volnewmer. The lecture included various applications, MP mode and some of the techniques doctor uses for face lifting.

At the end of the ceremony, the participants had interviews, networking time and a photo-set.As we all know, sometimes good things come to an end, but we did not say goodbye, we just said until next time!

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